action for success

 action for success Essay

п»ї" Champions don't do different things.

They do items differently”

2009 Module Plan

1 . NEED FOR ATTITUDE: Creating a positive attitude

2 . SUCCESS: Winning tactics

three or more. MOTIVATION: Inspiring yourself yet others every day

4. TUNING IN AND CONVERSATION: Communicating through silence or word or perhaps actions your five. SELF-ESTEEM: Building positive self-pride and image

6. SOCIABLE SKILLS: Building a pleasing character

7. SUBCONSCIOUS BRAIN AND HABITS: Forming great habits and character almost eight. GOAL-SETTING: Setting and achieving aims

on the lookout for. VALUES AND VISION: Doing the right factor for the right explanation

Component 01


Foundation of success is usually ATTTUDE


1 ) Change concentrate from bad attitude to positive attitude

2 . Master and practice " Do-It-Now”

3. Practice the frame of mind of appreciation (thankfulness/ appreciation/gratefulness) 4. We need positive pondering everyday

your five. Bought large self-esteem

6th. Stay away from unfavorable influences ( Take away many of these time coming from life) 7. Put it back in the system ( foundation intended for leadership)

8. Assertive: Demonstrating Firmness & Politeness within a positive way.

Module 02


Achievement is a Modern realization of a worthy Aim

" Progressive" means that success is a trip, not a vacation spot. We hardly ever arrive. Following we reach one goal, we continue to the next plus the next plus the next. " Realization" means it is an knowledge. Outside forces cannot make me feel successful. I have to feel it inside myself. It really is internal not external. " Worthy" refers to our benefit system.

--- Which method are all of us heading? Great or adverse?

Worthiness determines the quality of the voyage. That is what gives that means and fulfillment. Success devoid of fulfillment is definitely empty. So why " Goals" are important?

Mainly because they give us a sense of direction.

Success does not mean being acknowledged by everyone. There are some groups I would not need to be recognized by, away of choice. Accomplishment and pleasure go hand in hand. Success achievement what you want and happiness wants what you obtain! Success conquer problem too. Existence only is not really success! It is just a lot more!

Factors that take you faraway from success or perhaps contribute to inability:

1 . EGO: When a person takes anything at all personally & being harm by that thing, this leads to Ego 2 . Negative Attitude ( Injury in every situation)

3. Fear of failure ( Paralyzed people)

4. Lack of Ownership ( Lack of Responsibilities)

5. Deficiency of Deadline (No direction)

Two styles of people – Problem Centered and Remedy Focused Elements that make person Successful:

1 ) Target Focused

2 . Management Quality

three or more. Do-It-Now

four. Persistence

your five. Team Player

six. Integrity

7. Relatives Support

eight. PMA

being unfaithful. Solution emphasis

Module goal


Factors that " DE” encourage a person ( equally at work & at home): 1 . Frustration

2 . Negative Criticism ( Unfair/ General public humiliation –Criticize the issue not the person) 3. Low Income

some. Value system mismatched ( Incompetent as well as Hypothetical Boss) 5. Unjust comparison

six. Unrealistic Requirement

7. Unfair evaluation

almost eight. Negative Environment

9. Dirty Governmental policies

Steps to supplying constructive criticism / Feed back

1 ) Criticize like a coach with caring frame of mind

2 . Become specific

a few. Criticize the behaviour not the PERSON

some. Benefits of repairing

5. Loss for not correcting

6. Why criticizing gets your facts right

7. Always supply the opportunity to him to explain

almost 8. Don't be cynical

9. Avoid bring Personal Issue

15. When Criticizing—Be cool but be company

11. Once realize the mistakes—Congratulate these people

12. Always make efforts to close the conversation with POSITIVE notice and correct dose 13. Timing of Criticism—at the time of respective (Good Mood)

Procedure for Receiving Constructive Criticism

1 . Accept carefully, not gratingly/harshly.

2 . Evaluated criticism...

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