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Each person is usually an individual. All of us have his very own talent, individual life, personal dream, own house and relatives, own thoughts and opinions. All of us know the dimensions of the phrase " Many men -- many heads, " but have you ever fallen to thinking what it really means? The reason we are sometimes therefore selfish and why do we want to defend our personal point of view? Discussing think of it… Life is quite easy and very intricate at the same time. Each of us is in the stream of events and people who create these kinds of events. Work, career, accomplishment, effects all of us by the originality, and still we need to have time for you to live. And everyone's life, there comes a point in time when you start to clearly understand that life and relationships with people need several changes, harmony and balance of interaction. «Are you strong enough to live: to carry the flame in the hands, to continue to keep it from the darkest days, to keep it from the gusts of wind? To show your will, to confirm your can for life? » - this can be the lyrics from the song of my favorite friend's band. For the year of lifestyle, they have been through a lot of things. They will managed to record an album, they often had concerts within a local concert hall, and travelled a bit around Ukraine. They genuinely had a prevalent goal: to create a new path in music, to share all their emotions, in order to meet new people, acquire new knowledge. On the event of initially anniversary in the band living, I also baked a cake for these people, because I used to be very pleased with the success they had achieved by working together. Yet six months afterwards they have shed something. I am unable to say what exactly was the cause of their disagreement. Maybe one of the guitar players simply lost some enthusiasm for music and chose to solo with his opinion. He imposed his will about others in addition to the end, that they just simply dropped to items, and now they just do not even exchange their views. Honestly, I'm sorry about this. Since it seemed to me personally that they had been stronger, that together they will could keep an increased standard, there was still a thing to target and there was so many fresh peaks...

 Blindness Composition

Blindness Composition

Brie Mays Mrs. NeSmith British 101 dua puluh enam September 2013 Debunking the Blind Probleme Stereotype In accordance to " Approximately at least…...