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Module 7 DBA Alt - Review

politics geography - examination of personal processes and organizations by several amounts state -- politically arranged territory having a stable populace, boundaries that are internationally recognized, and a highly effective government and economy, and full control of its internal and external affairs 1 . A single govt in control

2 . A specified part of land

three or more. A permanent population

4. Government control of internal and external affairs

5. Sovereignty - Name the your five requirements of your state.

sovereignty - a state has full control over their affairs

microstates - says with incredibly small areas

nationality - legal attatchment and alliegance of a population group to a point out ethnicity - cultural, linguistic, or faith based identity organised by a population group with prevalent national roots nation - group of people who share common cultural features

self-determination -- a region has political independence (the right to help to make decisions with out outside interference) nation-state -- political unit containing 1 nation

multinational state - state that consists of multiple countries with a good self-determination stateless nation - nation without a territory to call its very own nationalism - sense of loyalty and pride within a specific nationality physical boundaries - normal boundaries between national groups political boundaries - human-created boundaries

centripetal force -- forces that unite people and maximize support to get a state centrifugal force - forces that divide a nation and decrease support of the state nationalism - places emphasis on dedication to their nation or nation-state regionalism - areas emphasis on local issues more than those of just one nation or perhaps nation-state ethnocenterism - the fact that one's individual culture can be superior to all others empire -- political device with a large territory or multiple areas under a simple sovereign govt and chief colonialism -- policy through which one point out takes power over another location and imposes its economical, political, and cultural attributes in the location colony -- area under the legal power over another state

imperialism - policy of just one state stretching control over territiories occupied by simply an native group The Heartland Theory - claims that universe power will depend on controlling the heartland region of Eastern The european union and Western Asia, since these parts are a key source of the world's feed supply and are therefore vital to personal dominance The Rimland Theory - claims that alliances between sea-controlling states have the ability to keep the heartland under control preventing its prominence, and therefore power over the seas is the most important element of political power. The Hold Policy -- employed by the U. S. against the Soviet Union throughout the Cold Warfare; attempted to avoid the spread of Communism by Soviets by aiding noncommunist states about Soviet territory financially and militarily; the purpose of the coverage was to make a territorial hold wall around Communist says, but Communist military makes still been successful in growing Communism to some other states. The Domino Theory - declares that the fall of one point out will inevitably result in the collapse of nearby states (which are likely to be relatively dependent on the first state) unless they may have outside support to help stop them from falling The Social Agreement Theory - states that people give up specific liberties in exchange for the benefits of an structured government authorities - politics and monetary power is definitely shared between national and subnational governments; the countrywide government holds more power, as the subnational governments are subject to it is laws Confederation - more power is held by the subnational governments compared to the central government authorities; the national government serves the communautaire heads with the subnational government Unitary federal government - the central federal government holds the most power inside the state and subnational government authorities act on...

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