Balanced Scorecard - Rim

 Balanced Scorecard - Casing Essay

Research In Motion:

A Balanced Scorecard Analysis


Business Profile3

Recent Accomplishments4

Recent Problems5

Competition and Marketplace Status6

Execution of Organizing Process8

RIM's Perspectives9

Buyer Perspective10

Monetary Perspective10

Learning and Development Perspective11

Internal Process Perspective12

Balanced Scorecard13

Kaplan and Norton Alternative Strategy Choice13


Accessory 1: Five year stock comparison of EDGE, Apple, and Google16

Study In Action

Company Account

Research In Motion Limited (RIM) opened in 1984 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada but offers multinational functions with offices in United states, Asia-Pacific and Europe. The corporation is a leader in Mobile phone and wifi technology and the parent business of Cell phone products. CASING is associated with all facets of its main product line from design through manufacturing and marketing wi-fi solutions aimed toward providing a wifi voice and data strategy to businesses around the world. Presently, you’re able to send research and development efforts are focused on many areas (Research in motion, 2010): 2. Developing primary technology and platforms for next generation cellular interfaces and networks, which includes evolution of 3G and 4G wifi networks. * Evolving features, security and satisfaction of the BlackBerry wireless solution and BlackBerry Cell phones; * Developing new equipment for current and emerging wireless network technologies and market portions; * Building device application including compilers, Java Electronic Machine, car radio code, and BlackBerry applications; * Expanding server and desktop software for company, institutional and prosumer conditions; * Growing infrastructure systems to provide the underlying support for wireless network and Internet on-line; * Providing a platform and tools for third party computer software developers and enterprises to create and easily enable applications; * Enhancing manufacturing and testing systems; and

* Producing accessories to become used with Cell phone Smartphones. NOTICE: According to the EDGE Corporate web page, RIM does not have a vision/mission affirmation that is publicly available. Because of a lack of details, the Quest Statement was crafted by the writer on this report via general RIM knowledge and company press releases. Mission Statement| Research In Motion Limited strives as the world leader in designing, production and advertising wireless client and business-to-business electronic access technology pertaining to the quickly emerging mobile phone personal marketing and sales communications market. (" Press release: Exploration, " 1998)| Market| The corporation markets and sells it is BlackBerry cellular solutions mostly through global wireless marketing and sales communications carriers, and third party syndication channels, its primary industry segment are companies and business experts. (Research in motion, 2010)| Slogan| RIM's slogan is usually " Often Connected", BlackBerry's is " For those who require tools, not toys” (Research in motion, 2010)| Products| RIM's product portfolio contains the Blackberry mobile phones wireless option, the EDGE Wireless Handheld product line to include the Blackberry mobile phones Smart Phone and BlackBerry Playbook Table along with software advancement tools and other software and hardware. (Research in movement, 2010)| Organization Size| Believed to be 18, 500 fulltime employees (" Yahoo financing, " 2012)| Primary Product Revenue Source| RIM's principal revenue stream is made by the Blackberry mobile phones wireless solution, which includes sales of Cell phone wireless devices, software, and services. (Profile: Research in, 2012)| The latest Accomplishments

Over the past few years EDGE has been successful in introducing a number of new devices, elevating its reader base over from 18 million in 2008 to 25 , 000, 000 in 2009 and 41 million in 2010, launching new technology to extend current capacities to the two end users...

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