McDonalds Our economy Finished

 McDonalds The Economy Finished Composition

McDonald's & the

Economic climate

BY: K H A N G, L At the V I, P Elizabeth T At the R, A L At the X


McDonalds can be described as fast food restaurant that came from

in America

Nationwide there are 850+ stores and even more than

3500 stores all over the world.

Approximately utilized by 90, 500 Australian


In the 1970's McDonald's unwraps its first restaurant


In 1981 the McDonalds opened in Portland, WA

McDonalds can be not a will need in life.

If there was a shift inside the major economic performance B would loose customers



Burger king produces goods for its clients.


These goods will be fast food and drinksВ


McDonald's foodstuff is made available.


The meals used comes from Distribution


The order is a speedy


They assemble the meals in store and serve that in store


McDonalds is one of the world's major fast food restaurant, providing services and goods to around 68 billion

Sales strategies:

Other companies whom are considered


is to make the menu affordable


Prolonged opening several hours


Play ground for the youngsters

Hungry Tige

Drive through convenience

Domino's Pizza


в—¦ Inspite of having 480 less shops than subway, McDonalds is considered the most popular junk food restaurant в—¦ The McDonald happy meals also includes a toy to attract the children. Them comes in two styles, a single for girls and one for boys. All those toys generally have a collection so you can collect them all.

McDonalds also uses characters to aid advertise the products and providers some of these are…


в—¦ McDonalds goal kids, teens and adults.

в—¦ Advertisings afterschool as well target youthful kids.

в—¦ Making burgers bigger and even more appetizing

в—¦ Not really targeted for older


Many Popular merchandise in B

1 .

French Fries

2 .

Big Mac

a few.

Snack Cover


Happy Meal


Egg McMuffin

New Marketing Strategy

Better Menu – Being able to choose from a larger variety of food. Health – Healthier selections for diabetics

Catchier phrases just like " I am just Lovin It” – Utilizing their phrases more often Having more desirable takeaway packing containers – having the ability to promote McDonald's in a variety of ways. Changes in pricing of goods on special attractions


An individual burger = 1 point

Meal = 2 details

15= meals

30 = family meal

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