Company finance sem-1

 Corporate financing sem-1 Composition



Pragna Bhowmick

Tural Gasimov

Alexandros Dimitriadis


The given case study is mainly concerned with the administration decisions that are considered by the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Mister. Daniel Garnishment, in order to create a steeper rise in revenues for the club. The major investments in query are the structure of a fresh stadium that is almost 2 times the present ability, an improved practice facility and further improvement of the team through desired person acquisitions. But , Tottenham as being a publicly owned or operated club have to justify enough time and methods that would be on the line in order to take on this project.

The several major causes of revenue to get the team are the number of supporters attending the match, the sponsorship rights it will get from other businesses, the sale of club products and its transmit rights sold to television stations. By building a new stadium, containing an estimated cost of 250 million spread over the next two years, Tottenham hopes to improve the current ability of 36500 people to 60000 fans per match. This is certainly estimated to boost the revenues through presence by forty five percent and considerable merchandise sale as well. The golf club also plans on investing in better practise center and better players, as a result increasing the odds of winning matches. This will not only improve the revenues in the matches yet also increase the sponsorship portions by 20 percent at the same time walking the demandable price for broadcast privileges. The collective rise in earnings is approximated to be around 9 percent.


Decision Criteria

1 ) Joseph Lewis is a vast majority stake holder in the firm; the only one with greater that 3 percent stakeholding. He can be expected to work solely in favour of understanding of his share benefit. His company ENIC has 82 percent overall effective interest in the club. One needs to determine whether this would negatively affect the decisions made by him. 2 ....

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