Developing for Us dollars

 Designing for Dollars Article

BUSN 310 – Career Actions – Winter months 2013

Job #1

I want this task! –

Targeted Job Submitting

Weighted Worth: Complete/Incomplete

Due Date: Week 2


Purpose/Evaluation Value:

This assignment will probably be graded while either " complete” or perhaps " incomplete”. Please note that you have to complete this first task in order to submit all other projects moving forward with this course. The assignment can test your capacity to effectively make use of job search engines/sites to locate a suitable work posting that meets the needs/career goals/abilities. -------------------------------------------------


1 ) Select one relevant and current job posting of " real” interest for you (post-graduation) coming from a Canadian job search results. 2 . Produce a copy of your selected task posting; you keep a copy, another copy will probably be submitted on your professor. a few. Once you have picked a job submitting of interest, please also total the fastened questionnaire (13 questions) defined on the up coming page. Should you chose to handwrite your answers, please ensure that your writing is legible. 4. Make sure you submit a printed paper copy of both files (posting and questionnaire to your professor at the start of class in week 2 .

Questions| Student Reactions – total the following: | 1 . The name/student #, current software area of research and career goal content graduation: | Name: College student #: Plan Name: Once i graduate, as a priority We are: (check box most applicable) * trying to find full time work in Canada 2. going to University or college * Additional - make sure you elaborate: | 2 . Have you been working? Verify applicable box. | [ ] Certainly currently operating [ ] No certainly not currently working | 3. Do you have virtually any...

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