Electric Motors

 Electric Motor Essay



We. Introduction

Electric powered motors are believed to be essential mechanical devices. They usually convert the electrical energy coming from the machine into its kinetic energy for making it job (Petingco and Resurreccion, 2011). In this physical exercise, the students were tasked to work with an example of an electric motor, identify its parts, and make money.

All electrical power generators are equipped with stator and rotor. Stator is referred to as the standing part of a power motor although rotor since the term implies, refers to the rotational portion of the electric motor unit. Furthermore, it could be classified in two types of motor enclosure namely: (1) open-type housing; and (2) closed-type enclosure. To easily separate the two electric motor enclosures, closed-type motor housing is the person who has an existing fan in the unit. This fan serves to lessen the excess warmth that was brought to the electric motor. With electric powered motors, additionally it is important to check for the existence of a name plate. A name plate contains all the important information which a buyer should know before buying using the product. Not only that the students had been tasked to generate the necessary wiring combinations that will allow them to make a certain electric motor to work. navigate II. Goals

The measurement made as well aided in further

A. To become familiar with the external structure and regions of electric power generators; B. To be familiar with electric powered motor specs;

C. To do proper wiring of the electrical motor;

D. To perform basic measurements; and

E. To change selected engine specifications

III. Materials

Electric powered motorsCircuit breakerVernier caliper

Clamp-on ammeterPush press button switchSteel strapping

TachometerHand toolsWeighing scale

IV. Methodology

The exercise was divided into two parts. The first included the declaration of the electrical motor. The scholars were displayed the designated electric motor for each group and had been...

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