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 Examine the factors influencing power associations and label of labour between couples Essay

п»їExamine the factors impacting power associations and trademark labour between couples. (24 marks)

Decision-making and control over finances

~ Edgell: research of specialist couples found that men are more likely to associated with important monetary decisions since they generate the most income generating women monetarily dependent on their very own husbands and subservient ~ Hardill ain al: found in dual-earner specialist couples which the man's job would typically take top priority over the women's especially when deciding to move home for work (due to guys being financially dominant) ~ Pahl and Vogler: found that there are two types of control over relatives income- gathering and allowance system. Gathering was within the increase particularly in couples whom both function full time (however men ultimately made the ultimate decision)

Sociable class

~ Barrett and McIntosh: males generally only give financial support that accompany strings fastened and guys usually obtain the most important decisions ~ Kempson: in low income family members (working class) women will often go devoid of while guys get a bigger share ~ Silver, Schor: commercialisation of housework signifies that those coming from a more wealthy family can pay for goods which make housework easier e. g. microwaves, freezers In many low income people, women are not entitled to a share of household solutions

Can certainly paid career and influence of feminism

~ Gershuny: women who had been in full period paid work only performed 73% of housework whereas women who would not work at almost all did 83% of housework duties ~ Men-Yee Khan: found that better paid and better educated females did fewer housework. For each and every £10, 1000 increase in a women's profits, they did two hours less job a week ~ Sullivan: analysed statistical data fro seventies to 90s and found males participating even more in ‘traditional' female home-based tasks like washing up and ironing. ~ Willmott and Young: Jobs of husband and wife are more similar: women act as well because men, guys help with the housework and childcare,...

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