Electronics Composition

Electronic Planks plc

DAVID INNES and FALCONER MITCHELL, University of Edinburgh


Jack Watson, an electrical engineer, established Digital Boards plc as a ‘one-man' company in the early 1970s. From small beginnings, the corporation earned a reputation pertaining to the quality and reliability of its products, and grew quickly and regularly until, simply by 2003, that employed more than 200 persons and had achieved a turnover of £26 million and a profit after tax of £1. 9 million. Moreover to Plug Watson the managing movie director, the plank consists of a production director, an investigation director and a marketing director. Market Circumstances

The company produces customized batches of digital circuit boards for approximately 15 major consumers in the protection, computer, electric goods and automotive sectors. The market is extremely competitive in regards to both price and top quality. Market price offers fallen continuously in recent years. In addition to several additional independent companies both from your UK and Far East, most of their larger customers have ‘in-house' features for the availability of circuit boards. These types of latter companies deliberately subcontract a portion of their circuit plank requirements pertaining to strategic causes. In a downturn they can discontinue or decrease their subcontracting and accept the work ‘in-house', so stabilizing their own work levels. Detailed Circumstances

The production process for circuit boards is complicated, multi-stage and highly automatic. Production flows continuously throughout the various operations and any hold-up quickly affects the flow of at all production stages. Knowledge has shown that a proportion with the final outcome contains flaws and has to always be scrapped. These scrap levels typically vary between 12 and twenty-five per cent of good output, a substantial learning result is evident and the produce on replicate orders is normally significantly superior. At present faulty production devices are identified on finalization, although actions has been started...

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