Initiative Survey Coca Coca-cola

 Initiative Record Coca Soda Research Newspaper

Initiative report

Coca-Cola Convention

125 Years of Sustainable Pleasure

Client: Cocaina Cola

Particular date: September 21th 2012

Date conference: twenty fourth – 26th April 2013


1 . This kind of work is composed by all of us.

2 . This work is not accepted in a previous software for a degree or Diploma or degree, by all of us or someone else.

3. The task of which this is a record is carried out wholly by simply us.

4. All verbatim extracts had been distinguished simply by quotation marks and the causes of our information have been specifically acknowledged.

Particular date: 20/09/2012

Intro PCO group


Table of Items


Innate starting points8

Project Contents9

Plan of approach11

Task of marketing and communication11

Business preconditions11







Risk Analysis12



Appendix A: Intrinsic goals every target group14

Appendix N: Event program15

Appendix C: Gantt chart17

Appendix G: SWOT Analysis18

Appendix Electronic: Budget19

Appendix F: Risk Analysis20


For celebrating the 125th the anniversary of Coca Soda, Massive Incidents will organize an idealistic event when highlighting the social liable and lasting aspect of Cocaina Cola. The big event will take place in Indonesia for 3 days through the 24th of April for the 26th of April 2013. It's a great idealistic function because Cocaina Cola will not want to make profit out of it yet make people aware about the eco friendly and socially responsible side of Coca cola.

The event will be in line with the mission from the company; renew the World, encourage moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference. With inspiring keynote speakers, fun and ethnic activities, entertainment and a high level of assistance the event will be of high worth to all the stakeholders included.

The event will take place at the event venue Taman Bhagawan in Bali. This location is ideal situated mainly because it has beautiful views in the beach with a green yard and trees and shrubs, embracing saving money aspect of the conference, only 20 minutes' drive from your airport with many hotels close by. Social responsibility and what coca cola is doing to further improve their social responsibility is a highlight with the event thus Massive Situations will set up events the two inside and outside. The themes of the activities are enjoyable, inspiring, sportive and educational. The activities depends on the various target organizations.

Coca Coca-cola is reviving the idea regarding being a lasting and socially responsible business and they need to get more attention for that. The of Pepsi will be altered or increased and its negative connotations will be battled together with the sustainable concept of the the event. The big, social and responsible photo will be featured.

The big event wants to collect various stakeholders and get them to aware of the social responsible aspect of Coca Cola in an informative, inspiring, sportive and entertaining method as well as try to improve sociable responsibility and sustainability. The mission and vision in the event is to get all the members together to share and improve knowledge about social responsibility and sustainability.

This kind of report is intended for the representative of Cocaina Cola that will be working with the Massive Incidents team, the intrinsic beginning points, the project contents, project strategy, marketing and interaction and control aspects will probably be further mentioned and a risk examination conducted. This kind of report is dependent on ideas produced by the incidents team and wishes to be given the green light by Coca Cola's representative. Intrinsic starting points

In this function the quest of Pepsi will be presented in different techniques. The goal of the big event is to get the point groups to...

Bibliography: Verhaar, J., & Eshel, My spouse and i. (2010). Task Management, an expert Approach to Occasions. The Hague: Eleven Intercontinental Publishing.

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