Islami Banking System of Aibl

 Islami Bank System of Aibl Essay



Al-Arafah Islami Lender

Topic: -- " Islamic Banking System”

Prepared by: --

Md. Ashrafuddin

ID No: - 07201107849

BBA, twelfth Batch

Significant: HRM

Time of Distribution: 22/ 01/ 2011

School Of Generous Arts Bangladesh

Letter of Transmittal

twenty second April, 2009

Prof. Dr . Syed Masud Hosain


Institution of Business Studies

Southeast University, Dhaka

Subject: Submission of Internship record.

Dear Friend,

With wonderful pleasure and honor, I am submitting my internship report specifically " Concepts and Techniques of Islamic Banking” as an academic requirement of my own Internship plan.

I tried my level best to mix all the necessary and current information accumulated from options and understanding acquired during the internship system and from your entire BBA program to symbolize this record as a exceptional outcome of my work. I strongly believe that the suggested techniques and steps excluding all their limitations will probably be helpful enough to fulfill the goal of any further goal.

I respectfully request one to accept this kind of report for even more evaluation.

Saying thanks to you

Truly yours


Md. Khairul Baser

IDENTITY: - 2006010000016

BBA, 12th Batch

Southeast School.


We, Md. Khairul Baser, students of Bachelor of Organization Administration (BBA), Batch twelfth bearing IDENTIFICATION: 2006010000016 main in Financing from Southeast University Bangladesh, would like to state here the declaration of the Internship record on " Principles and Practices of Islamic Banking”, in Bangladesh which I haven�t submitted for almost any other level before.


Md. Khairul Baser

ID: - 2006010000016

12th Batch

Major: Financial

Southeast University or college.


This is certainly to Certify That Md. Khairul Baser has done the internship program under my supervision. He features prepared a written report named " Principles and practices of Islamic Banking” submitted that to me. I think on the basis of the declaration trainees given this operate is him own and it has not been submitted anywhere for just about any degree.

We also announce that this newspaper is his original worked well and prepared intended for academic goal which is a a part of BBA and the paper may not be used in genuine market situation.

I even more certify that report will fulfill the partially requirement of the award of the degree BBA.



Prof. Dr . Syed Masud Hosain

Dean, University of Organization Studies.

Southeast University.


Finally my personal internship report has effectively completed and hereby initially I show appreciation to my personal almighty Kristus. Next, together with the warm gratitude of my personal heart I would really like remember what they are called of all of those who have allowed me to from just about every side in accomplishing this report along with my internship program.

I feel very much lucky to get a wonderful opportunity to proceed my internships program with such a remarkable bank just like Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. I would like to thank Maryland. Nurul Haque (Assistant Vice President and Manager) and Md. Jashim Ahmed Chowdhury (Senior Principal Officer & subsequent Officer) to permit me are an inwendig at his Mouchak Part.

I remember and thank, with greatfulness, my own mother, sibling and all of my local freinds namely Faysal, Atik, Habib, Raju who was always with me and inspire me from time to time to prepare the report.

Now, my severe gratitude and thanks will be for my own honorable academics supervisor, Prof. Dr . Syed Masud Hosain, Dean, College of Organization Studies. Southeast University Bangladesh for leading me right from the start to the ending in planning this statement. Her expanded helping hands, enormous assistance and proper care in every stage of the work have helped bring this into a successful fulfillment.

1 . one particular Introduction

The Jews in Jerusalem launched the system of banking in the form of money financing before the birthday of Christ. The term 'bank' was probably created from the word 'bench' as during ancient time Jews...

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ii) Training article concerning clearing residence operations.

iii) Annual Record 2008

iv) Banking Patterns of Islamic Banking customers in Bangladesh - Khan Hassan Shahid.

v) Case Study of Al Arafah Islami Bank Limited.

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