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 Library Management System Essay








Made by:

Atnaf Yihun


Eshete Dereb

Debre Markos

Apr, 2012



1 . Intro

1 . you Background

1 ) 2 Assertion of the Trouble

2 . Objectives

2 . one particular General Objectives

2 . a couple of Specific Aims

3. Scope and restriction

4. Equipment

4. one particular Front End

four. 2 Back

4. 3 Other Equipment

5. Execution

6. Feasibility Analyses

six. 1 Financial feasibility

6. 1 . 1 Costs

six. 1 . 1 . 1 Intangible Costs

6th. 2 Profit

6. 2 . 1 Intangible benefit

6. 3 Technical feasibility

6. 4 Functional feasibility

7. Time Schedule

8. Guide


1 . Introduction

Debre Markos University or college was established in 2005/2006 G. C. Shortly after its institution, the Director and Academic Vice President were assigned to arrange the University or college. Following this, 53 academic and 15 support staffs were employed. The University began its function admitting the first set of 760 students inside the then Education Faculty (now reorganized because Social Savoir and Humanities and Normal and Computational Sciences Colleges) in Feb . 2007. The University runs undergraduate program in both standard and continuing education divisions. College students joining the standard program are assigned by the Ministry of Education coming from all corners of the region after they possess successfully achieved the preparatory school software. Continuing education plan students, on the other hand, are chosen by the school. In 2012 educational year, the University works undergraduate programs in 25 disciplines in six universities and 1 school; namely, College of Social Savoir and Humanities, College of Business & Economics, University of Cultivation & Normal Resources, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Technology, College of Health Savoir and Institution of Regulation. Besides, to spread out additional disciplines need analysis is being built under the direction of the System Design and Development Directorate of the College or university. What is more the University provides planned to launch postgraduate program in diverse disciplines in 2005 Elizabeth. C. We live in a great age of concurrence – with technology driving connections that link persons and concepts in unprecedented ways. Through this dynamic environment, research libraries are poised to redefine themselves as well as the way they will create, gain access to and protect knowledge. For DMU Library, we increase the speed of the research process through our collaborations with college and students. All of us promote educational expression by championing open access and other initiatives that bring the world's knowledge to DMU, and connect DMU's knowledge to the world. Essentially of all all of us do can be our commitment to user-centered support that improvements teaching, learning and research excellence.

The Library, as well as the expertise vested within this, must both equally lead and adapt to confront the issues posed by the information-intensive age group. Over the next five years, we can continue to develop our digital collections, and safeguard the ability legacies with the past, when ensuring ease of access for the future. We all will funnel new equipment for information creation and discovery, and configure our services and spaces to meet the users' needs.

The Debre Markos School Library is start to offer service to get the user in 1999E. C. In one branch_1 for the first students of Education Teachers (now known as Cultural Sciences and Humanities and Natural and Computational Sciences Colleges). More recently to give

1 . 1 History

This project documentation is focused on the Debre Markos University or college Library physical resources motorisation management system. The manual trend of the collection is making use of the paper documents system to report through adding additional assets it is difficult and boring. So , in this task solve this manual program problems by automation the system and use easily and add the furniture number and items. For top level managements very clear...

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