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1 . Briefly review two main reasons why a company including Dell might wish to relocate it is manufacturing operations to another country.

A multinational including Dell might wish to relocate in Poland as a result of a variety of reasons of which the primary reasons in this case is the subsidy of €52. 7, provided by the gloss government to Dell. While using subsidy the Dells expense of production comes so it is successful for them to go to Poland. Together with the subsidy " S” will certainly shift to " S1” as shown below. Cost of computer systems D S i9000 S1

Level of computers

One more possible reason behind such moving could be reduce wage costs and duty advantages in Poland. Reduced taxes and lower pay will decrease Dell's cost of production. Though the impact of wage costs in Biskupiec, poland compared to Ireland in europe depends on how long Dell depends on labour – E. g. Automation may be involved.

2 . Analyse two reasons why the Polish federal government were willing to pay a €52. 7 , 000, 000 aid bundle to attract Dell.

The Shine Government has given the subsidy of € 52. 7m to draw the world's second major producer of private computers with all the aim of having a profitable BOP and taxes revenue. Once Dell involves Poland, Poland's FDI will certainly rise producing the capital bank account of the BOP favourable. Dell will also export to other regions of the world coming from Poland therefore Poland's noticeable exports will certainly rise, building a positive trade balance. Dell was Ireland's biggest ceder so this may be a possible cause of Polish govt to attract Dell. However in the long term Dell is going to repatriate profits. This will impact Poland's BOP. They might as well do transfer pricing (make less revenue in Especially and avoid paying out tax) which is a barrier to Shine government's target of increasing duty revenue. Dell might also make large number of opportunities in Poland therefore it is one likely reason for the us government to give an aid package and attract all of them. This will help to lessen unemployment costs in Belgium. However like most multinationals in the event Dell becomes footloose, the jobs created may be destroyed whenever.


three or more. Assess the probably impact on two stakeholder groups of Dell's decision to transfer its production to Poland.

Stakeholders will be groups considering the activities of a business. Dells possible stakeholders are workers, consumers, Ireland in europe government, Enhance government, owners (shareholders). Staff – Dell's decision to relocate largely will impact employees in Ireland and Poland. According to the case Dell has announced to cut early 1900s of 3000 jobs, in Ireland. This could mean employees becoming unemployed and their living standards slipping. This will raise unemployment prices and these Irish employees may not have labour freedom to work in another industry. On the other hand, the Polish workers will profit as fresh jobs are set up. So several employees will gain at the expense of others. If the jobs created in Poland are low paid out then personnel will not have high standard of living. But a low pay for Polish out of work may be greater than a simply no pay. Govt – here again the polish govt will profit but not the Irish federal government. When Dell relocates, jobs in Ireland happen to be lost while exports reduce. There will be bad impacts on the BOP since FDI goes out. Dell accounted for five per cent of Irish GDP thus GDP is going to fall. The tax earnings for the Irish authorities will show up. On the other hand Shine government is going to benefit since the jobs are manufactured, FDI goes, exports surge, and GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT rises. Although transfer prices and footloose capitalism may not really result in benefits to Poland.

4. Evaluate the likely impact that increasing regular membership of the WTO might have over a multinational such as Dell.

Universe trade company aims to reduce trade boundaries and avoid operate disputes. Increasing membership of WTO would mean that many countries will take out protectionist procedures, and motivate free trade. Multinationals just like Dell will certainly therefore be able to easily transfer in these countries that become a member of...

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