Essay about Mononucleosis

Infectious Mononucleosis and Community Wellness Nursing

Infectious mononucleosis (IM), or " mono, " is a nommable disease that is most commonly due to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). EBV is one of the most common human viruses discovered all over the world, and the most people will become infected with it at some time in their lives (Centers intended for Disease Control and Reduction [CDC], 2014a). Yet , not all people infected with EBV will build up IM. Simply by understanding the epidemiologic triangle of IM and identifying how a determinants of health contribute its advancement, the community doctor can better understand the scope of their position in helping to lower or handle its influence.

IM is most commonly caused by EBV, the industry member of the virus family. Other viruses that may cause IM are HIV, hepatitis A, B, or perhaps C, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, rubella, and streptococcal pharyngitis (CDC, 2014b). IM OR HER is often called " the kissing disease" because EBV is mostly transmitted through saliva, nonetheless it can also pass on through a cough or sneezing or by sharing a drink, food, cups, utensils, or perhaps toothbrushes with someone who has I AM (CDC, 2014a; Mayo Medical clinic, 2015c). EBV can also be transmitted just by shaking hands with someone who has the virus or perhaps by touching an afflicted utensil or perhaps an item which has the drool of an attacked child into it (CDC, 2014a; Mono Treatment, 2015a). Although EBV and some of the other malware that cause IM are most commonly distributed through saliva, all of them can also be spread through semen and blood during sexual get in touch with, organ transplants, and bloodstream transfusions (CDC, 2014a). Normal symptoms of INTERNET MARKETING usually look four to six weeks after you become contaminated with EBV; they may develop slowly and may not all arise at the same time (CDC, 2104b). The majority of symptoms of INTERNET MARKETING can be hard to distinguish from other viruses, such as the influenza (Cafasso, 2012). According to the CDC (2014b) and Mayo Clinic (2015d), the most typical symptoms of I AM are: Exhaustion (can always be extreme for times)

Fever (may become very high)

Sore throat or strep can range f that doesn't improve with antibiotics Adenopathy in the neck and axilla

Frustration and body aches

General feeling of unwellness (malaise)

Swelling of the tonsils

Skin break outs

Swollen spleen organ and/or liver

The possible complications of IM are usually more serious compared to the disease alone. IM may cause enlargement in the spleen, which very rare situations may lead to rupture (Mayo Center, 2015b). Problems with the liver organ may also take place, such as hepatitis and jaundice (Mayo Center, 2015b). The Mayo Clinic (2015b) lists rare issues to be: Anemia



Severe tonsillitis leading to air passage obstruction

Meningitis, encephalitis, Bell's palsy, and Guillain-Barre problem (caused by simply EBV) There is no known cure or antiviral drugs for IM, with out vaccines due to its prevention can be obtained. IM can be self-limiting, and may usually deal with on its own in about 2-4 weeks, nevertheless the fatigue may well last longer (CDC, 2014b). Treatment is targeted at easing the symptoms. The most important things are to imbibe plenty of liquids to stay hydrated and obtain plenty of snooze, and also take over-the-counter prescription drugs for fever and soreness and gargle with nice salt water to help alleviate the sore throat (CDC, 2014b; Mayo Clinic, 2015d). Antibiotics may be needed to treat a secondary infection, including strep neck or tonsillitis, and corticosteroids may also be approved to reduce neck or tonsil swelling (Mayo Clinic, 2015d). Any activity that may trigger blunt belly trauma ought to be avoided for at least a month following infection to avoid splenic split (Cafasso, 2012). The only way to avoid transmission is to avoid copy of secretion by certainly not kissing or sharing refreshments, food, or personal things, like hair brushes, with people who have currently or was lately infected with IM..

IM commonly influences teenagers and young adults, especially college students. Because IM is definitely not a reportable disease, market...

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