Supply Chain Logistics

 Supply Cycle Logistics Dissertation

. What changes performed Shavers make to incorporate its Euro logistics? Integrated logistics is identified as the the anticipating buyer needs and wants; acquiring the capital, elements, people, technology and information necessary to meet up with those requirements and wishes; optimizing the goods-or-service-producing a network to satisfy customer requests; and utilizing the network to fulfill buyer request in a timely approach. ” Included logistics is actually a service-oriented method. It incorporates actions that help push the product from your raw materials source for the final client. In this case for shavers to get a global market they would need to have better degree of centralization, coordination and planning. They also had to move fundamental decision points coming from local level to the Euro level. Areas which needed changes/ of strategic importance were; We. Finished products and operate progress inventories.

II. Division operations and location.

III. Supply chain strategy.

IV. Development of forecasting and requirement organizing systems. V. Purchasing.

To satisfy customer demand they needed modern day planning and control systems which got effective organizing, manufacturing and distribution planning each merchandise on offer. The alterations started in the next areas because order; Finished Goods Products on hand

Centralized responsibility for products on hand would need the organization of European planning function. i. e. to obtain product sales forecasts by each local market, screen finished products stock levels at each division center and develop creation plans and stock motion schedules to push the flow of finished goods to DCs to make sure a high service level.

Distribution Network

It necessary to best settings of DCs and provide insight to the recommended business I. S. The distribution centers had to be lowered from 13 to 8 so as they can operate successfully. There was as well an introduction of your third party controlled depot in Belgium and Netherlands as a result of promotional requirements. The growth from the third party provider industry provides ensured there is no shortage of bidders ready and capable of provide a extremely competitive service in POWER operations.

Planning and Delivery systems

To achieve this integration the group specific, purchased and implemented the mandatory enterprise need planning and web based system to give one common system throughout the whole European countries. A European large forecasting program was mounted to prediction overall Western european demand regularly. They had to alter to centralized planning and have shorter purchase processing period. Shavers therefore purchased an Enterprise Necessity Planning program which presents;

Order foretelling of

Demand management

Master creation scheduling

Materials requirements preparing


Factory scheduling and inventory management

Distribution requirements preparing

Delivery recording and invoicing

The ERP presented the following/ made the next changes;

•Provide a real time view of the shaver's Western european business via customer purchases to factory stocks, POWER stocks to factory. •Embodying weekly development planning

•Once a week the sales forecast from each region will be current and transmitted to the production and distribution planning workplace. •At the same time frame, the opportunity was taken to centralize capacity preparing and expert scheduling on the European headquarters.

2 . What are the pros and cones of centralized distribution for a fast moving consumer items company?


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