SWOT Examination of Brand Saab

 SWOT Research of Brand Saab Essay




•Worldwide regarded brand



Saab has skilled a lot as entering the vehicle industry. That they reached successes with cars which experienced huge competitive advantages. But in reality faced near bankruptcy, saviour by GM, loss of identity, and aide. Assuming that Saab has learnt from this failures, but also small successes, probably would not be distinct. However , Saab was not able to climb out of the trouble these people were in. With their relief, two Chinese corporations recently reached out their hands and got Saab back around the track again.


Saab is a company using a history. That began because they build airplanes, and reacted for the decreasing with regard to airplanes and increasing demand for cars simply by start building autos. Their experience in building airplanes gave them the knowledge to make cars with a drag coefficient which is impressive, possibly for present standards. Furthermore, Saab has increased their understanding from collaborations with Spyker, GM and BMW.

Around the world known brand

The advantage of being a brand just like Saab is the fact it is previously known over the entire world. The rand name awareness is a strength seeing that people are more likely to buy a vehicle which is currently in the industry for a long time, than to acquire a car via a new entrance.


These were a success at the start, since Saab was the only one oriented upon safety. When biofuel started to be a warm topic, and opportunities to reach new customers grew, Saab do a great job. In which other vehicles could not conduct as good as when running about gasoline, Saab could. Their particular cars actually performed better on biopower. Weaknesses:

•Weak brand graphic

•Lack of competitive power

•No fixed organisational framework...

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