The Troubles Facing Homosexual Students

 The Difficulties Facing Lgbt Students Essay

Latosha Heard

EDU 639:

Socio- Cultural History

Dr . Brenda Cole

Date: August 08, 2011

Gay- Right Alliance

A survey by the GLSEN, located that 64% of gay students got experienced harassment in school. Lately, ABC Media reports that a Campus Pride Study located that homosexual students are more inclined to seriously consider departing school because of discrimination over their sexual orientation. (Guest Author, 2011). In doing my experiential activity, I discovered that like any other interpersonal event, the topics of discussion were centered on how to get the interest of others which are not around. In this Population of students these people were concerns regarding why selected individuals' are afraid to, understand who they are as a person further than close gates. The students had been assuring one another that they are not concern with what people believed concerning the person they were within a relationship with. They were at ease with being seen in public by others in dating precisely the same sex or experiences what like living as the contrary sex psychologically. Challenges I recently came across in some discussions were which the students' got discussed all their gay or perhaps lesbian associations with their parents. Some college students indicated, that due to selected religious beliefs their parents would punch them away of home due to family morals and beliefs. Other's concern had been able to deal with the people that they had grew up with since grade school. That they felt that their friends would shed respect to them and not affiliate with them under any circumstances, due to betrayal and trust problems. As educators it is very important that stress the value of accepting one's judgment and beliefs regardless if that different from what we should believe. During group delivering presentations are cultural groups blend students up in group, don't allow them to opt for their own organizations. This allows learners to identify with individuals, depending on their emotions, comments, and concerns and not how we perspective them externally....

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