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Press reports about the French president's challenging love existence highlight the difference between Anglo-Saxon and Gallic attitudes towards sex, marriage act, but above all appetite, creates Adam Gopnik. Whenever a French man of state provides sex with someone not his partner, people contact me up and ask for what reason he made it happen. When I say persons do, I really mean media (a sub-species whose personhood is sometimes in doubt) and I suppose I truly mean magazine editors and radio producers (a nonetheless more questionable class). Nevertheless they do phone, and they carry out ask. This is simply because I actually lived in England for some years and have written a lot about life generally there, and the phony assumption is created that I are intimately experienced on every its sides, including all those obscure by my view. This is a version of the well-known journalist's " fallacy of omniscience by simply proximity". I'm certain that anyone that ever had written from Korea gets similar calls: " You existed there, correct? You must have generally seen out-of-favour relatives being eaten with your life by ravenous dogs? Can't you inform our guests something about it? " So , nevertheless I know nothing at all, or darn little, in the specific practices and sexual acts of French presidents (when an italian statesman feels of having dubious love, his next believed is not " I have to call Gopnik to share my personal feelings and get his view" ) still, I do have a view about Leader Hollande's new activities, and his supposed tryst with the acting professional Julie Gayet. Continue reading the main story

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A Point of View is normally broadcast in Fridays in Radio 5 at 20: 50 GMT and repeated Sundays, '08: 50 GMT (GREENWICH MEAN TIME) Adam Gopnik is a north american commentator and writes intended for The New Yorker Or pay attention to A Point of View on the iPlayer

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In this instance, of course , this can be a case of your man having sex with an individual not his wife as they had, actually no partner not to become faithful to (if that produces Parisian sense), only a series of apparently progressively embittered associates and some youngsters. As I claim, I claim no competence about it, although I do have a view on it, and it is a double the one which I shall inexpertly although passionately, in the event that not illicitly, unpack for now. And that is that the good French principle of any right to personal privacy against all comers, can be not quite the same thing as a right to pleasure just before all else. To start with, I think the French view of sex and life is essentially right and ought to be universally applicable: Sexual intercourse with children or simply by force is definitely wrong, plus the rest is just the human funny, unfolding, as it will. Puritanism is a desprovisto against being human, and the most severe of it is that puritanism is the most leering and prurient of world landscapes. Far from wishing to keep sex in the personal sphere, the puritans can't wait to drag it out in public. Puritans are the least buttoned-up people in the world. That they can't wait to pin a scarlet A for coition on someone's clothing, or hold a public humiliation ritual. Keep reading the main history

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France is not only a puritanical society - this accepts that human appetites for sexual and foodstuff are normal” Nothing could be more illustrative of this than the tone of outraged indignation directed by simply British tabloid journalists by their hesitant French press equivalents during the past week. " What is it with these people? " the Brit journalists maintain saying, speaking of the French kinds. " For what reason do they will refuse to attack the privacy of somebody they've by no means met, or perhaps hang around for hours to grab a number of illicit images, causing tremendous pain to many stranger's better half and children, in order to obsess over a lovemaking affair of the kind that they wish these people were having themselves? And they phone themselves press! " Well, France is definitely not a puritanical society - it accepts that human being appetites for sex and food will be normal, or perhaps " normale", to use a expression much cherished there, and...

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